COA: Phase One – Approved

The Rapid board of directors officially approved the first phase of the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) at their March 24, 2021 board meeting.

The COA is the result of the Mobility for All process, including taking an in-depth look at the ridership market, operating characteristics, ridership and growth opportunities. The two-year process was continuously informed by community input to ensure that recommendations supported local priorities and responded to rider feedback.

 View – COA: Phase One Document

The COA includes route modifications, speed and reliability improvements and no-cost restructuring to serve areas that need transit service. The COA is intended to serve as a roadmap for the next five years.

The COA includes several innovative solutions to improve service and rider experience.

  • Addresses on-time performance with less deviations, shortening some routes, and reducing time-consuming and dangerous deviations into parking lots.
  • Improves frequency of service on key corridors, with 15-minute all-day weekday service on the Rapid’s most popular routes, including the Silver Line, Laker Line, and Routes 2, 4, 9, 11, and 28.
  • Provides more direct service to popular destinations, including Rivertown Crossing, Ivanrest Avenue, and Gezon Parkway.
  • Includes innovative service to expand service area, including smaller vehicles providing on-demand service to key employment clusters in Walker and Kentwood.

The changes proposed in the COA means:

  •  ~136,000 more residents live within walking distance to 15-minute all-day weekday service
  • ~67,0000 more jobs have access to 15-minute all-day weekday service
  • Over 8,000 jobs in Walker now have transit access
  • Over 9,000 jobs in Kentwood’s Broadmoor and area around the airport now have better transit access

The first phase of COA implementation will begin in August 2021.

The final plan will include near and long-term recommendations for new or expanded services as resources are available.

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