We are looking to deploy available resources to improve The Rapid’s current service and provide a higher level of quality, improve access and better match transit services to demand. Think about what you love about The Rapid, but better!

Mobility for All has several specific goals:

Convenience + Accessibility

Emphasize convenience and system accessibility – it should work for everyone

Innovate Service

Evaluate opportunities for innovative service and vehicles


Evaluate the effectiveness of the current route structure and increase ridership


Balance increasing ridership with geographic coverage – Reaching areas with lower demand is essential to serving the community, maintaining support and developing new markets.

Maximize and Leverage

Maximize existing resources and leverage others


Meet the expectations of customers

The Result

The result of the Mobility for All process will be a plan that includes recommendations for implementing more immediate changes to the The Rapid’s service as early as 2020. Changes may include route modifications, speed and reliability improvements and no-cost restructuring to serve areas of need. The final plan will also include some near and long-term recommendations for new or expanded services if resources are available.

The Rapid board of directors officially approved the first phase of the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) at their March 24, 2021 board meeting. The COA…
Learn more about the Preferred Alternative for the cost-neutral recommendations for The Rapid Mobility for All / Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA). The Preferred Alternative is based…
UPDATE: View recorded video of final session (10/16/2020) with full overview of the Preferred Alternative plan: (meeting begins at 3 min. 20 sec. – introduction…
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